Karsu Donmez jazz singer gave a concert at the hotel Şirehan

"Şirehan'da a great pleasure to give a concert"

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, with the support of the opening of the new title, the artist's first concert held at the hotel Şirehan Karsu the famous jazz singer to give concert in a venue Donmez Join Donmez enchant the audience is a great pleasure to express "I feel like I'm in a time warp. Hundreds of years of history and modern style, this is the perfect combination of space liked it very much, "he said.

Gaziantep Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality invited by the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Jan Paul Dirskse, Consul General of Iraq's Gaziantep Sabah S. Debbagh, Gaziantep Metropolitan Sema Carpenter Director of Culture, Istanbul Honorary Consul of the Netherlands Bora Tezel and admired by many jazz artists like Jazz Trio Karsu Donmez Donmez has fascinated audiences. Öztan'ı lasted until late into the night after the concert celebrating jazz artist Tahir Tekin Donmez Dö Karsu congratulate you for the mouth. History, culture and modern design Şirehan Hotel I was very impressed with. Completely amazed, "he said.

Karsu Donmez Hotel's first concert was Şirehan

Multi-purpose meetings, concerts and parties in the most important places in Gaziantep, located between the historical and mystical structure in the courtyard of guests admired Şirehan Hotel Donmez Donmez Karsu first concert in the Netherlands gave a famous jazz musician. Expressing itself felt in a time machine Karsu Donmez Donmez "Excellent staying in a room that has been designed. I felt like I live in the depths of history. We have three things are important for the artists. Audio, hotel, and food. Şirehan'da excellent dishes, to ensure the sound and the comfort of the room is above every artist wants. Excited to be here and very happy and excited Şirehan first concert at the hotel. This beautiful venue is also the first concert, the artist becomes an important first for me. Şirehan doorstep Berry Han Hotel and transfer to future generations the way of restoring a significant achievement ettirerek Öztan'ı which I heartily congratulate Tahir Thompson. "He said. He is originally from the Netherlands who lives Hatay'lı Karsu jazz artist Donmez Hotel Donmez Şirehan Turkish songs, as well as the concert, singing his own composition, foreign jazz lover excited. Ambassador of the Netherlands Dirkse, esprilerinin adds color to the night with his jacket off the sight chilled jazz artist artist Donmez gave Karsu Donmez. The artist was the subject of a great sense of humor from the jacket. Find concerts from time to time with the sound of the call to prayer, the artist received great applause from the audience.

With a history of an interesting pianist, composer, arranger and songwriter, was born in 1990 in Amsterdam Karsu Donmez. Piano from his father began his career with the money accumulated for the car is moving fast pace. Karsu Donmez, which is considered one of the century's most important music halls Carniege Hall gave three concerts to this day. American Embassy in 2006 whether to continue with the scholarship Rhoad Island World Athlete Artist Games for free with classical vocal training Karsu Donmez, a large part of the works sung by himself doing his own writing and restorations. Chairman of the Group Executive Board at the hotel after the concert Şirehan Sahan Tahir Tekin Donmez Öztan'la Öztan'ı long chat Karsu celebrating the renowned jazz artist that he is proud to be the seat of such a culture, he said. At the end of the concert, fans, photos and a new CD to commemorate the signing of the night Karsu Donmez all posed for pictures with fans.

Şirehan an important venue for outdoor concerts

Summer weddings and outdoor events of up korser Şirehan Hotel, which has become an important venue to host national and international organizations will continue to express many Sahan Group Chairman Tahir Thompson Öztan Şirehan these days at the hotel for the first time an open-air concert was held. Combining jazz lovers with the famous artist Donmez Karsu Metropolitan Mayor and his team would like to thank Dr. Asim Güzelbey. Important jazz concert in a dreamy voice Karsu Donmez signed. I congratulate him. Şirehan Hotel courtyard, summer weddings, especially, have shown great interest for the organization of concerts and open-air. Is home to a wide range of organizations in the space of historical texture and will continue to do, "he said.

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