Şirehan Otel

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Dear esteemed guests and friends,

We have successfully completed the II. International Gaziantep Şirehan Food & Beverage Festival, that was launched on September 25th, always keeping in mind that the most important aspect of the whole effort was your very dear and precious presence.

We are very proud of the fact that the festival crowd exceeded our humble expectations by far, and that we could contribute to the value and image of our beloved city through this occasion. The Festival, with its achievements gave us strength and hope in our efforts for making Gaziantep “The Cultural Capital” of Turkey in the coming years.

This rather high level of participation and interest, made us, the Sahan family extremely happy, and gave us a chance to contribute not only to the nearly forgotten cultural and unique historical values of the city along with her potential touristic activities, but also gave us a sheer sense of perseverance for committing ourselves to the future of this unique festival.

We would like to reflect our gratitude in conveying our sincere thanks, to all international professionals who were gracious enough to join us, to our invaluable guests who colored our festival with their presence, to the civilian authorities and administrative chiefs, to the local managers, and most important of all to the treasured people of Gaziantep.

All the detailed information about our festival can be found at our website, www.gaziantepsirehanhotel.com.tr/gaziantep-sire-festivali.19.tr.html