What can be done when you go to Gaziantep?


Şirehan Otel

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Gaziantep Archaeology Museum (the world's 2nd largest mosaic museum) (.... miles)
Hasan Süzer Ethnography Museum (.... miles)
Medusa Glass Art Museum (.... miles)
Emine Göğüş Culinary Museum (.... miles)
Gaziantep Castle (.... miles)
Rumkale (.... miles)


Gaziantep Zoo,


The 100-acre area was first settled in Turkey and the Middle East, the third of the Earth, Europe's second biggest zoo.


Mosques, Shrines, Churches:

And III of the French missionaries in 1860. Kendirli Church, which was built with the help of Napoleon's worth a visit. Located in the center of St. Mosque of St. Mary's Church with its present name of Independence 1873 - 1892 according to the design of stonemason Sarkis Sarkis Balyan built by Taşcıyan.

In Gaziantep, Saint Pedros Church discovered by chance during the operation of the road was built in 1723, now converted into a museum under the name of Omer Ersoy Cultural Center.

His Holiness the Ökkeşiye with Joshua Tomb of the Prophet, and His Holiness Pirsefa centers of tourist attraction worth seeing.



Gaziantep in the historic Silk Road route from that period are so many inns and caravanserais. Salt Han Han, Sire, Tobacco Han Han Hışva, Sculpture Khan, Amir Ali Khan, Khan of Anatolia, Furrier Han, Mayor Han Han Elbeyli, New (Yüzükçü) Han Han Haji Omar Khan and Millet important.


The construction started in 1998 and completed in 2002 by the Municipality of Gaziantep Wildlife Sanctuary (zoo) is currently the most extensive area of Turkey, Europe is also worth a visit is entered into a specific order.