Gaziantep is one of the few cities on world that has made a name with its deep history, very loud and very colorful culture and rich cuisine. Perhaps it’s the only city that can compete with other great countries’ cusine. Throughout the history of thousands years, from the Hittite to the Roman Empire, from Ottoman Empire to today’s Turkey, it has a fabulous cusine that is formed by the people’s food culture living on it. Those of us who want Gaziantep to be the brand city and cultural capital of the world, intend to make this unique food perpetuate and announce to the whole world. This is not just an effort to promote our city, but it is a step also for the enrichment of world cuisine.


Because it is not possible to speak of a world cuisine without the diversity of local kitchens. For this purpose, this year we are performing the second International Festival of Shira on 25 - 28 September by making it a tradition. Shira was a part of the historical vintage festivals which its roots date back to the Dianisos festivals. While the world was making only wine from grapes, the people in Gaziantep were producing both a healthy food and a delicious dessert. Moreover, this production was done with all the local people. So people were displaying a local instance of solidarity by coming together to make their winter desserts. We, believing that in today’s conditions, the food had lost its properties by passing rapidly through fabrication, people in cities alienated from each other, need to remind and maintain shira tradition; so we would like to invite you to this brilliant eating and drinking feast. In that festival, starting with vintage, having experiences about all stages of Shira making, the chefs from different countries of the world will also present their own meals. During the Festival, in our leisure times, enjoyable journeys to the many interesting historical sights of Gaziantep will also be waiting for you. Let’s taste this unique flavor, let's go to the Shira boiler...






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