Tahir Tekin Öztan

ŞİREHAN, defying centuries, opens its doors again

Founded by Cemil Bey, the Governor of Aleppo, in 1885, Şirehan is one of the most beautiful and most enduring relics of the Ottoman period. Rifat Bey, the Mayor of Antep, encouraged the building efforts, and Mustafa Aga, collected the money from public to realize the project during the reign of Abdulhamid II. Those who could not contribute monetarily worked at the construction, and those who could not work, prayed to God before the inn everyday. The inn was first called “Belde Han.” Because grapes, nuts, molasses and figs were sold at the inn, the people called it "Şire Hanı," or Syrup Inn. The popular name has survived to this day.

After a major fire in 1994, the inn is currently being restored. The finished building will be a luxury hotel and will have 1 royal suite, 3 suites and 116 standard rooms. Furthermore, the hotel will house a multi-purpose room that can house 800 people, a swimming pool, a Turkish bath, a fitness center and a SPA. The hotel is located on Kültür Road in the city center, and opened its doors in early 2013.

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